The role of Kuwaiti parents’ involvement in developing their Primary school – children’s interest in reading English stories


The researchers explored the activities that Kuwaiti parents used with their children to develop their English literacy. It was investigated what are the most important factors that affected parent involvement and attitudes and children’s attitudes towards reading. The study used quantitative data for answering research questions. A random sample of 120 parents was used for the study (86 mothers and 34 fathers). The results show contrary to expectations derived from the Literature, that Kuwaiti parents provide more supportive literacy environment to their children than expected. Secondly, a positive attitude of the parents toward children practicing reading from early age. In addition, the study findings carry a positive indication on the parental enhancement on their children in term of helping children become interested in reading English stories or materials. Finally, the study reported that most of the demographic variables have no significant roles in the three dimensions of the study.

Keywords: Children's literacy, English stories, Kuwait, Parents Involvement, reading activities

Article Review Status: Published

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