The Development of Contextual Learning Oriented To Civic Learning Module Based On Validations of Material, Learning Design and Methodology Experts to Improve the Students’ Learning Outcomes of Grade V Sd 030413 Salak, Medan, Indonesia


Civic  learning shows some weaknesses in the methodological aspects in which the expository approach strongly dominates almost the entire learning process. The teacher’s activity is more prominent than the students’ activities, so the students learning are limited to memorizing the concepts. The main problem in learning Citizenship Education (Civics) is the use of methods or learning models. Contextual approach is a learning concept in which the teacher presents a real-world situation into the classroom and encourages the students to make connections between their knowledge and applications in their lives as family members and society. The module and learning instruments are declared valid by the validator team. The practicality level of the module and learning instruments are stated good. Experts and practitioners state that the module and the developed learning instruments can be used with little revision. The teachers and the students can use this learning instrument in learning very well.

Keywords: Civic Learning, Contextual Learning, Learning Outcomes, Module

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