Teacher Professional Development: Keys to Basic School Teachers’ Curriculum Practice Success in Ghana


It is generally acknowledged that promoting teacher quality is a key element in improving primary and secondary education. Therefore the study sought to investigate teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD) and its influence on their classroom practices at the Kassena-Nankana West District in Ghana. From a population of 310, 93 basic school teachers were sampled using the simple random sampling technique. Questionnaire and interview guide were used for data collection. Descriptive statistics and Pearson Product-Moment correlation were used. Findings revealed that teacher effectiveness was significantly relegated to effective teaching in basic schools. Similarly, basic school teachers reported that professional development programmes were relevant to their classroom management practices. Consequently, this study concluded that capacity building programmes should be promoted regularly to build basic school teachers capacity for effective teaching

Keywords: Basic Education Classroom Management, Teacher Professional Development, Teacher Quality

Article Review Status: Published

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