Education for All in Nigeria: Finance Management Constraints and the Way Forward


The paper examined the issue of financing Education for All (EFA) in Nigeria with a view to identifying the finance management constraints and the strategies for the way forward. The study adopted a survey research design which utilized a researcher-made questionnaire duly validated and tested for reliability using the Cronbach Alpha with a reliability coefficient of. 76 and .87 obtained for CEAPFM and SEEAPFM respectively to collect data. The study, involved a population of 152, namely: 32 principal and 120 head teachers in Afikpo Education Zone, Ebonyi State of Nigeria. Means, Standard Deviation and t-test analysis, tested on .05 significance level was adopted in (he data analysis Findings revealed, among others, that poor governments’ allocation to schools, inadequate financial knowledge base of school administrators, diversion of funds into private purse, poor economic state of the schools, poor attitude to financial management, poor project supervision, hence inability to keep accurate account, were among the finance management constraints. Concluding, the researcher suggested among others, that ceiling funding of education programmes on school enrolment should be removed from the education systems as a way forward in attainment of education for all in Nigeria

Keywords: Finance Management, Financing Education, Nigeria

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