This study investigates the different aspects that determine teacher professional development in teaching English language. It aims at explaining the concept of professional development, pin-pointing the necessity for teacher professional development in today’s world, and exploring the field of teacher development in order to find out the best opportunities and activities. The study hypothesizes that teacher professional development leads to greater achievement in education. The data were collected through a questionnaire from teachers of English language in secondary schools. The results revealed that: Teachers have their own role to play in their professional development along with the role to be played with the government. In today’s changing world, ongoing professional development is very crucial, teachers become highly confidential with their positive beliefs in what they are doing , for professional development both experience and reflective teaching are required, sharing experience and ideas between colleagues gives teachers a feeling of community and belonging . The study recommended that teacher professional development should be seen as a necessity in teacher’s growth and student’s achievements; and teachers should take part in the responsibility for their professional development.

Keywords: Professional Development, Teaching English, teacher’s growth.

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