The Sustainability Solution of Earth as Buildings Material: Case of Gbongan Rural Communities in Osun State South West Nigeria


The sustainability of earth as building material cannot be overemphasised with proven superior performance at the specified criteria. This research addresses the analysis of the sustainability criteria present in a sample of 120 cases of traditional earth building at Gbongan rural area in Osun state Nigeria, as locally produced and sourced material, reduced transport cost and environmental impact among others. The focus group of professional especially architect and builders were organized to coordinate the study process, ensuring adequate evaluations of issues that can facilitate sustainability of earth as a building material. Their recommendations are evaluated and classified according to physical attributes of earth as sustainable building material: twelve prevailing factors facilitating sustainability of earth as building material were identified. The sustainability solution of earth as building material were discussed which include local employment opportunity for socio economic development. The paper then concludes on some sustainability strategies known with the earth over the year as productive and effective building material

Keywords: Earth, Socio-Economic, Sustainability, low-cost, reduced energy


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