Taxonomic Notes on Some Members of Genus Uvigerina from the Deep Offshore Eastern Niger Delta Nigeria


In an effort to give a systematic taxonomic account of benthic foraminifera from the Niger Delta, a total of 1,213 specimens of foraminifera were retrieved from 85 composite ditch cuttings samples from NEP-1 Well, off-shore eastern Niger Delta Nigeria. A detailed taxonomic appraisal of 140 specimens from the genus Uvigerina was carried out. The interval studied is 1750 meters thick, belonging to the Agbada Formation; lithologically, the section varies from shaly-sand to sandy-shale to shale. A genus of benthic foraminifera –Uvigerina d’Orbigny 1826, comprising of 4 species were identified, and described in details from this site, these includes Uvigerina peregrina Cushman 1923, Uvigerina bifurcata d’Orbigny 1839, Uvigerina hispida Schwager, 1866 and Uvigerina senticosa Cushman 1927.  The fifth species (Uvigerina sp.) is identified to generic level and therefore described in open nomenclature.

Keywords: Assemblages, Diagnosis, Genus, Palaeontology, Stratigraphy

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