Palynostratigraphy Analysis of the Agbada Formation (Nep-1 Well) Offshore, Eastern Niger-Delta Basin, Nigeria


Palynological analyses were carried out using 36 composite ditch cutting samples from NEP -1 well, off-shore eastern Niger Delta Nigeria. The interval studied is 1750 meters thick, belonging to the Agbada Formation; lithologically, the section varies from shaly-sand to sandy-shale to shale. Three zonal assemblage schemes have been erected; zone boundaries were placed where significant changes occurred in the abundance of the species, the proposed palynological zones are: Echiperiporites cf. estelae, Psilatricolpites okeizeis and Foeveotricolpites sp. zones; these are correlatable with the pantropical zones. Samples from the section are assigned a late Miocene to early Pliocene age based on the palynological evidences at this site.

Keywords: Agbada, Niger-Delta, Palynomorph, Palynostratigraphy, Stratigraphy

Article Review Status: Published

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