Research Grants

Criteria for Grants

The European Centre for Research Training and Development (ECRTD) Fund is a trust established to provide grants for researchers.

Projects awarded grants include

  • Research projects initiated by the scholar(s) with ethical committee approval.
  • Course fees where the course will lead to the development of new research findings.
  • Travel for the study of general practise in different cultures.

Applicants for grants may include costs towards

  • Statistical support.
  • Computer software.
  • Stationary and postage costs.
  • Necessary economical travel.
  • Conference fees where the outcome of a study supported by the fund is to be presented.

Applicants are required to write a proposal on the study or project and submit to

Subject areas

Business and Management
Humanities and Social Sciences
Engineering, Sciences and technology
Health and Food Sciences
Education and Research Methods
English Language and inter-continental Studies

Who can apply?

Scholars working in higher institutions and/ or in general practice, and have published at least four papers in European -American-Journals.