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The Contemporary Hunters’ Genre from the Perspectives of Modern Artistes in Yoruba Land (Published)

Yoruba genre is mostly associated with percussion, chants and songs, where historical facts in respect of the hunters’ ideology are transmitted from a generation to another. The chant is primary and the songs play secondary role. Fragments of the chants at performance are connected together by these songs making it a whole. The rhythm of the chant ensemble has performed by Yoruba master chanters Onìjálá is inspiringly heightened by proverbial sayings, and poetic formula. Ìjálá genre is gradually going into extinction because Masquerade festival is beginning to dwindle and practitioners are reducing by death, interest lose and new social life style. Ethnographic method used in the study is based on field-work and desk work. Eight people were interviewed. The findings revealed that for Ìjálá music to be accurately preserved, the communicative system must continue as a way of authenticating the music performance.

Keywords: Yoruba; ìjálá -music; chant; chanters; culture.