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Assessing the Performances of Coffee Marketing Cooperatives in Yirgacheffe Woreda, Gedeo Zone, Snnprs, Ethiopia (Published)

In the coffee industry, coffee marketing cooperatives are anticipated to play an innermost role in the efforts to develop the sector. Meanwhile, the contributions of these cooperatives in the developing countries are limited to the smallest margin. Besides to that, the performance of coffee cooperatives in these countries is not yet well studied. Therefore, this study is aimed at assessing the performance of coffee marketing cooperatives in Ethiopia with a special focus on Yirgacheffe woreda. To meet the objective of the study, descriptive types of research techniques were utilized. The results of the study revealed that coffee cooperatives in the study area are moderately progressing so far as strengthening their financial positions and serving their members is concerned. However, they are still challenged by different impinging factors.

Keywords: Coffee, Cooperatives, Ethiopia, Performance, Yirgacheffe