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Population Dynamics and Assessment of Golden Trevally, Gnathonodon Speciosus (Forsskål, 1775), in the Southern Arabian Gulf off the United Arab Emirates (Published)

The population dynamics of Gnathonodon speciosus from the southern Arabian Gulf off the United Arab Emirates was investigated based on direct and indirect methods to validate the age. The average growth parameters based on the methods were estimated as L=84.52cm TL, K=0.28 and to=-0.45years.  The fitted Von Bertalnaffy’s growth equation for G.speciosus was Lt=84.52*[1–exp-0.28*(t+0.45)]. The estimated growth performance index Ø was 3.30 while the estimated life spans close to 11.0 years. The instantaneous coefficient rates of total mortality Z estimated by length converted catch curve was 1.01yr-1. Natural mortality M estimated by pauly, Rikhter&Efanov and Hoeing methods were 0.62, 1.02 and 0.41yr-1 respectively with average 0.68yr-1 for further analysis. Peaks in spawning occurred during March, April and May. Yield per recruit Y/R and biomass per recruit B/R were estimated as 171.7&520.3g respectively at current F=0.33year-1 and Tc=1.59 year. Estimates of relative yield per recruit and relative biomass per recruit were E0.1=0.62, E0.5=0.35 and Emax=0.74 indicates the stock of G.speciosus is under-exploited.

Keywords: Gnathonodon speciosus, Growth, Mortality, yield per recruit and spawning season