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Effect of Flooding On Urban Development (Case Study of Yenagoa and Environs, Bayelsa State-Nigeria (Published)

This study was conducted to determine the effect of Flooding on Urban Development as occasioned in Yenagoa and environs of Bayelsa State-Nigeria. Data of the study was obtained from both primary and secondary sources. Research instruments such as questionnaire, interview and observation methods were used for data collection from individual respondents and organizations within the study area. Ten Communities within Yenagoa metropolis which were identified as flood-prone were used for the study. Simple percentages and tables were used for data analysis. The study came up the with the findings that; there is significant relationship between Flooding and Urban Development; that urban physical development planning in the study area is not in accordance with town planning standards e.g. unavailability of functional drainages, encroachment of buildings on flood plains, stream and creeks is also some of the causes. The study however, recommended some strategies that would help to solve the above stated findings and problems caused by flooding in the Study Area.

Keywords: Flooding, Urban Development, Yenagoa environs