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The level of Zinc (Zn) in Yekoso-Areke Ethiopian distilled traditional beverage (Published)

Home-grown fermented and distilled beverages are very popular traditional drinks in Ethiopia. Among these, Arekies, korefe, tej and tella are very common in northern part of Ethiopia. Specifically Yekoso-Arekie which is double distilled and possess unique extra ingredient which is called Yekoso-Kitel the most common beverage in Debre-Birhan town. However, there is no any report on the level of Zinc in this beverage. The purposes of this study were to determine the amounts of Zinc and to compare this parameter of selected Ethiopian traditional alcoholic beverage (Yekoso-Arekie) from Ethiopia in the specific area Debre-Birhanwith other similar beverages. A total of nine bulk samples were collected randomly from vending houses from nine different kebeles. For these purposes, two experimental parts has been implemented sequentially, the firstpart is digestion of the sample with H2O2 and conc. HNO3; the second part is absorbent measurement: the standard, blank and samples were placed in to auto sampler test tube then after placed at sampling area of FAAS in the order of analysis: first the standard solutions in increasing concentration, then the blank and the samples follow.The amount of zinc in yekossoarekie was determined. since this local drink has not standard reference in the nation, the researcher took the standard reference from WHO, Zinc, Zn (mg) Content in distilled Alcoholic beverage, all (gin, rum, vodka, whiskey)  is between 0.0283 mg/l  and 0.9824mg/l. The researcher concludes that Yekosso-Arekie has remarkable levels of Zinc; as a result the consumers of this beverage can get its vital for activating growth iand physical and neurological development in infants, children and teenagers since Zinc is an essential micronutrient for human health.

Citation: Siyum Shewakena Beshahwored (2022) The level of Zinc (Zn) in Yekoso-Areke Ethiopian distilled traditional beverage, International Research Journal of Natural Sciences, Vol.10, No.2, pp.55-60

Keywords: Digestion, Yekosso-Arekie, Zinc, traditional beverage