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Design and development of manual hank reeling machine (Published)

In today’s Textile product processing, customers are demanding lower prices, the best quality product and service. An effective cost reduction and higher productivity with short processing time is the main objective for textile manufacturer to be a strong competitor by having high market share with profitability and to compete successfully in the world market by keeping benefits of stoke holders including customers. Nowadays there is different manual and automatic hank reeling machine. Hank reeling machine used to reel cone yarn to hank yarn form. Automatic hank reeling machine works by use of electric power system and has motor for Hank reeling. This machine can wind a maximum number of hanks within one reeling cycle of machine. It’s less time consuming, but expensive.Hand hank reeling machine can wind single hank per reeling cycle and its time consuming than automatic reeling machine. Based on data analysis, the researcher designed and fabricated manual hank reeling machine which can be driven easily by using foot. This machine can wind up to 12 hanks within single hank reeling cycle.

Keywords: yarn; hank yarn; hank reeling; cone yarn; weaving; knitting