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Photocatalytic Activity of Mn-N Co-Doped Zns Nanoparticles for Degradation of Organic Pollutant (Methylene Blue) (Published)

Nanoparticles of undoped ZnS, Mn-doped-ZnS,N-doped-ZnS and Mn-N co-doped ZnS were prepared by using chemical co-precipitation method. The precursors used to synthesize the photocatalyst nanoparticles were:Zn(CH3COO)2.2H2O, Mn(CH3COO)2.4H2O and  Na2S.9H2O. The characterization of nanoparticles was done using X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and UV–VIS Spectrophotometric technique.The average crystalline size of as-sythesized photocatalysts calculated using the Debye- Scherrer formula was 7.80, 7.48, 6.61 and 6.59 nmfor Zc, NZ, MZ, and MNZ respectively. The percentage degradation of methylene blue under UV irradiation at 180 minutes were: 10.12, 24.85, 45.19, 38.09, and 55.60 for uncalcined zinc sulfide (Znc), calcined zinc sulfide (Zc), Mn-doped zinc sulfide (MZ),N-doped zinc sulfide( NZ) and Mn-N co-doped zinc sulfide (MNZ) respectively. Under solar irradiation the Percentage photodegradation of MB were: 13.53, 30.17, 49.00, 57.30 and 70.75 for Znc, Zc, MZ, NZ, and MNZ respectively.The pseudo first order rate constant (k) of MB photodegradation  for Znc, Zc, NZ, MZ, and MNZ were 5.72 × 10-4, 1.64× 10-3, 2.54× 10-3, 3.23× 10-3 and 4.48 × 10-3 min-1 and 0.8×10-3, 2.15×10-3, 4.16×10-3, 5.3×10-3 and 8.66×10-3 min-1 under UV irradiation and under solar irradiation, respectively.

Keywords: Chemical co-precipitation, Degradation, Photocatalysis, Rate constant, Xrd

The Structural Characterizations of Polymethel(Methaacrylate) Doped Nanoparticle Metal (Cu,Co,Fe) Thin Film by Using Nd-Yag Laser Ablation (Published)

The structural properties of PMMA doped with ( Cu , Co , Fe ) nanoparticls prepared by laser ablation were studied . In  this  research  the  polymethyl mehtacrylate  (PMMA)  was  dissolved  in chloroform   with (5%) concentration  to  form  homogeneous  solution.  PMMA  doped  with  (Cu  ,Fe ,and Co ( nanoparticale (NPs) prepared by Nd-Yag(532nm) laser ablation. The X-ray diffraction shows  that  the  structure  of  pure  polymer  film  have  an  amorphous  nature,  but PMMA  doped  with  (Cu , Co , Fe)  nanoparticles  are  polycrystalline  structure.  The  results indicate that there are a shifting and reduction in positions of peak intensity as compared with the pure (Cu , Co ,Fe) nanoparticles and there are generated some new peaks appear. The AFM examination reveal to reduction in average nanoparticle diameter after doping with NPs metal (Cu , Co , Fe ) . The FT-IR  examination appear some transmittance band after doping with NPs metal (Cu , Co , Fe ) 

Keywords: Afm, Cobalt, Copper, Crystal Size, Doping, FTIR, Iron, Nanoparticle, Polymethyl Mehtacrylate (Pmma), Xrd