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Elemental X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Hayin-Na’iya Rock Deposits Rafin-Guza, Kaduna State-Nigeria (Published)

The elemental composition of rock deposits of Hayin-Na’iya rocks Rafin-Guza, Kaduna was determined using X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy . Moisture content analysis revealed 1.375%, indicating poor permeability of the rock deposits. The percentage composition of elemental oxides  gave SiO2  as the oxide constituting the highest percentage (56%) followed by dialuminumdioxide, Al2O2 (31%) and ferric oxide, Fe2O3 (9.49%) . Silicon oxide fell below the world nominal value of 70-77%. Other oxides found included  the oxides of potassium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, Nickel, copper, gallium and silver as K(1.0%), Ti(1.18%), V(0.06%), Cr(0.022%), Mn(0.016%), Ni(0.011%), Cu(0.015%), Ga(0.024%) and Ag(1.3%), respectively. The results indicated that the rock deposits could be good sources of raw materials for glass and constructional industries as further sophisticated geological survey could reveal larger deposits of valuable oxides..

Keywords: Elemental Oxides, Percentage Concentration, Spectroscopy, X-Ray Fluorescence