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Investigating the Effect of Using Graphics Organizer Techniques for Teaching Saudi EFL Learners Writing Skill (Published)

This study aims at investigating the effect of using of graphics organizer techniques for teaching writing skill. And it also examined the quality and adequacy of writing activities provided in student’s textbook Writing-1-. Thirty – second tertiary level students participated in a quasi-experimental study for approximately one month. The study employed the experimental and descriptive research methods where the researcher used graphics in the experimental group to help to get ideas to write about and to help explain how different pieces of information are connected, while graphics were not used at all in the control group. The researcher used pre and post-test, textbooks analyses as tools for data collecting the findings indicate that the experimental group outperformed the control group statistically in the post test   .

The findings which came out of the research:

  • A marked improvement in the writing performance of students who were taught by using graphics organizer.
  • Poor and inadequate writing activities in the textbooks.
  • There is a need for further reviewing of the writing activities in student’s textbox.
  • Incorporation of authentic materials in textbook particularly material for developing writing skills.

Keywords: graphics organizer, writing activities, writing skill, writing techniques

The Effectiveness of Using Peer and Self-Editing Techniques to Improve Students’ Writing Descriptive Composition (A Study of 3rd Semester Students at the Institute of Bina Sarana Informatika -Fla-Ibsi) Jakarta Indonesia (Published)

The purpose of the research is to know a significant effect of the use of peer and selfediting techniques to improve the students’ writing descriptive composition. This research is an experiment which compares the peer and self-editing techniques of teaching writing of 3rd semester students at the Foreign Language Academy, the Institute of Bina Sarana Informatika (FLA-IBSI). The total samples of this research were 40 students. Each of the experiment and the treatment class is 20 students who were given different treatments, one as a treatment class for a peer editing and the other one as a control class for a self-editing. The research finding is that the students taught by using peer editing technique reached higher improvement than those students taught by using self-editing technique.

Keywords: The effectiveness, peer and self-editing technique, writing skill