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Management of Trade/Entrepreneurship Education n Public Senior Secondary Schools for Smooth Transition Into the World of Works in Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated management of trade/entrepreneurship education in public senior secondary schools for smooth transition into the world of works in Rivers State, Nigeria. Four research questions guided the study. The study adopted descriptive survey design. The population of the study comprised of all the 234 principals in the 234 public secondary schools in Rivers State, Nigeria. The purposive sampling technique was used. A self designed instrument titled Management of Entrepreneurship Education for Smooth Transition into the World of Works Questionnaire (MEESTWWQ) containing 35 items was used for data collection. Face and content validities were ensured by experts.  The internal consistency reliability co-efficient of 0.89 was determined using Conbach Alpha statistics.  Frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions. It was found among others that of all the 35 subjects recommended on the FRN, only catering, dyeing/bleaching, data processing and book keeping were taught. It was recommended among others that the inspectors from the Ministry of Education should extend their inspection to subjects in the trade/entrepreneurship centers for smooth transition into the world of works.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship education, Smooth Transition, Trade, World of Works