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Potential Workplace Risks and Hazards Encountered By Factory Employees in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya (Published)

Work place disasters have become a major global concern. Industrial hazards including accidents, dangerous procedures, infrastructure failures or specific human activities cause loss of life, injury, illness or other health impacts, property damage, loss of livelihoods and services, social and economic disruption, or environmental damage. UN/ISDR (2009). This paper sought to identify the workplace hazards that employees are exposed to in line of duty. The study made use of survey and evaluation designs. Purposive sampling was used to select the industries and simple random sampling to select the study units. The study units included; Managerial staff and workers of large, middle and small scale factories in Eldoret, labor officers in the Ministry of labor (Public Health Officers), fire brigade officers, Kenya National Environment Management Authority and the Kenya Red Cross Society Regional officials. Interviews and questionnaires were used for data collection from administrators and other factory employees while observation was used to identify risks within the workplace. Data from the research was analyzed using descriptive statistics, frequencies, t-test, x2-square and ANOVA. The study concluded that; mechanical (367) and physical (108) total number of injuries were the highest in the industrial workplaces in the last five years. Thus a high number of employees are exposed to risks mainly mechanical (64%) and physical (51%) risks in large scale industries in Eldoret Municipality in Kenya. This study was quite significant, putting emphasis on the need for employees to know and identify their workplace hazards for safety and health.

Keywords: Hazards, Occupation Health and Safety Act., Workplace Safety