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This Is Why They Leave You: Workplace Bullying and Insight to Junior Faculty Departure (Published)

Workplace bullying may be an understudied area in higher education, yet the most vulnerable population, junior faculty members, receive even less attention.  Based on a data collection in late 2016/early 2017, this data analysis of 257 graduate students and junior faculty from nine countries considered the question, what is the frequency of workplace bullying for junior faculty and graduate students? A second research question was, does workplace bullying influence career decisions for junior faculty and graduate students.  Findings showed that close to 63% of respondents faced workplace bullying.  Many of their comments revealed shock and dismay that administration turned a blind eye to bullying behaviors. Further, close to 80% of the respondents stated that the organization did not take action when learning about bullying, and 32% considered leaving the higher education sector.  For further consideration, this study included the open-ended comments of junior faculty as they reflected on workplace bullying and how it had an impact on their career trajectory.

Keywords: Higher Education, Workplace bullying, junior faculty

Beyond the Wheelchair: Workplace bullying and persons with disabilities (Published)

Researchers nationally and internationally have reflected on the impact of workplace bullying for employees.  While the impact on women and people of color has been considered, little attention has been paid to American workers with disabilities who face workplace bullying.  This article strives to shed light on the potential frequency in which American workers with disabilities face workplace bullying. As there are no studies on this topic, the essay will apply British findings, to the American population in an effort to develop insight to workplace bullying for Americans with disabilities.  Reasonably, one could consider that approximately 41% of those with disabilities face workplace bullying despite the United States protections for those with disabilities.

Keywords: Persons With Disabilities, Workplace bullying, harassment