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The Influence Of Working Under-Pressure To Gain The Company Profit At Private Universities In Medan, Indonesia (Published)

In work, the working environment directly affects the work attitude and determine employee performance. The pleasant working environment makes a positive employee attitude and gives the impetus to work more diligently and better. Conversely, if the environment situation is not fun they tend to leave the environment. stress is a negative emotional experience that is experienced by individuals when facing the greater demands of his skill. The negative emotional experiences of individuals can be defined as the perceived negative affective state. Negative affective include: feelings of sadness, disappointment, anxiety, anger and depression. the educational staffs in most of universities in Medan City show that there are still many educational staff who refuse to change the culture within the organization, especially regarding the development of information technology as an opportunity for the educational staff to learn the improvement. Work stress affects the employees. This means that the higher of the work stress level is, the higher the employee performance is

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