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Abusive Supervision, Work Tension and Overload as Predictors of Counterproductive Work Behavior (Published)

The study investigated abusive supervision, work tension and work overload as predictors of counter productive work behaviour (CWB). Three hundred and one (301) secondary school teachers participated, who were randomly drawn from Urban Girls Secondary School, Nsukka; Nsukka High School, Nsukka; St. Teresa’s College, Nsukka; Queen of the Rosary Secondary School, Nsukka; Community Secondary School Obukpa, Nsukka; Model Secondary School, Nsukka and Community Secondary School Isienu, Nsukka. Their age ranged between 25years to 59years and above. These teachers were accidentally sampled. Four instruments were used: Abusive Supervision Scale designed by Tapper (2000), Work Tension Scale designed by House and Rizzo (2013), Work Overload Scale designed by Kaplan (2006) and Counter Work Productive Behavior Scale designed by Suzy and Spector (2003).  Three hypotheses were stated and tested. The result of the multiple regression analysis showed that all the null hypotheses were rejected implying that the abusive supervision, work tension and work overload all significantly predicted CWB; abusive supervision (β = .24, t = 4.10, P < 0.05), work tension (β = .21, t = .20, P < 0.001) and work overload (β = .22, t = .10, P < 0.001).  It was however concluded that abusive supervision of any kind and degree, work tension as well as work overload by this research are associated with CWB. Implications and limitations were discussed and suggestions were made for further studies.

Keywords: Abusive Supervision, Counter Productive Work Behavior., Work Tension. Over Load