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Mathematical Equations for Calculating a Worker’s Benefits under Work Injuries Insurance Compensation and Pensions according To the Jordanian Social Security Law (Published)

This research deals with the worker’s rights in insurance pensions and compensation for work injuries according to the Jordanian Social Security Law.  In this research, we discuss the benefits of the heirs in the event of a worker’s death resulting from a work injury as well as the rights of the worker when he is exposed to total permanent disability resulting from a work injury, and his rights or benefits entitled due to his permanent partial disability arising from the injury of his work. Also, we show the rules governing the payment of frequent injury disability compensation and pensions. All of the above benefits have been calculated through mathematical equations based on the Jordanian Social Security Law No. 1 of 2014 and the insurance regulations issued thereunder

Keywords: Insurance Compensation, Jordanian Social Security Law, Mathematical Equations, Pensions According, Work Injuries, Worker’s Benefits