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Work Environment and Employee Performance in the Public Service: A Study of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State, Nigeria (Published)

This work examines the effect of work environment on employee performance in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University. It equally aims at ascertaining whether the social environment affect the productivity of workers of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University. In other to properly articulate the work, data was gotten from both the primary and secondary sources of data collection such as questionnaires, interviews, journals, periodicals, textbooks etc. The tables and percentages where used to display the data while the, chi-square was used in its analysis. Taro Yamane’s sample size determination was adopted to arrive at one hundred and fifty (150) as our sample size. Victor Vrooms Valence Expectancy theory was adopted as the theoretical framework of analysis. Based the foregoing, the study revealed that COOU’s working environment had an impact on members as far as the respondents are concerned. By implication, the institution needs to improve its physical working environment so that to influence employees to stay in the office, work comfortable and perform their job. It was recommended among other things that; Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University should have a good program in place for their employees work life balance as this can be a great factor to motivate and retain them. Management should try as much as possible to build a work environment that attracts, retain and motivate its employees so that to help them work comfortable and increase organization productivity; Employers should have in place a good working condition for their employees in order to boost their morale and made them more efficient. Finally, management should find ways and means of communicating their goals and strategies to their employees in order to achieve what the organization is in business for, its mission and vision.

Keywords: Employee Performance, Productivity, Public Service, Work Environment

Impact of Virtual Office on Business Environment (Published)

This study focused on the impact of virtual office on business environment. A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. For a better understanding of the impacts, the researcher established first the link between technology and office work. It was found that with the advent of technological advancement, office works required the use of updated technologies for the ultimate goals of being globally competitive. The reasons for adopting virtual offices include reduction of costs of production and services, improvement of performance, increased work productivity being up-to-date, and becoming at the competitive edge over other markets. Given the findings, it was concluded that adoption of virtual office work have a positive impact on performance and it creates employment opportunities rather than it eliminates. The challenges can be addressed by providing early notice about the change, the conduct of planning and training so that the personnel can successfully adapt to the change and displacement of workers will be prevented.

Keywords: Office, Technology, Work Environment, virtual, virtual office

The Effects of Human Resource Development, Work Culture, Work Environment on Employee Performance Mediated by Work Commitments: A Study on the City of Baubau Government, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia, (Published)

This research aims to examine the relationship of human resource development to employee performance by considering work culture, work commitment and work environment as a determining factor for improving employee performance. The sample of the study consists of 166 employees in 12 regional work unit in the City of Baubau. Th data were collected by distributing questionnaires followed by conducting in-depth interviews. The research uses descriptive analysis to determine the characteristics of respondents and the description of respondents to the indicators of each research variable. Meanwhile, to examine the pattern of relationships between research variables an inferential analysis tool is used, namely Structural Equation Modeling with the Amos 7 approach.The results of this research indicate that, good leadership can improve employee performance when taking into account the factors that play a role, namely the development of human resource management, work culture, work commitment and work environment in the regional work unit in the City of Baubau. This study also produces findings that to improve employee performance for the better if factors of work culture, work commitment and work environment are considered.

Keywords: Employee Performance, Human resource, Work Environment, work commitmen, work culture

Effects of Ergonomic Environment and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) On Secretarial Efficiencies in Tertiary Institutions in Ekiti State (Published)

Effects of ergonomic environment and information and communication technology (ICT) on secretarial efficiencies in tertiary institutions in Ekiti State were investigated.  The population consisted of all secretarial staff and executives/directors in all tertiary institutions while the sample was 180 respondents randomly selected from three tertiary institutions.  The research instrument was questionnaire, validated with a reliability co-efficient of 0.77.  Data collected were analyzed using frequency counts and simple percentages for the research question while the hypothesis was tested using Pearson Moment Correlation Coefficient at 0.05 level of significance. Findings show that the physical environments of the institutions are conducive for work and some necessary facilities that could aid the efficiency of secretarial staff are provided but inadequate. It was concluded that good working environment is indispensable in today’s workplace for the efficiency and effectiveness of secretarial workers.  It was recommended that efforts must be made to design jobs that help employees reduce and break up their sitting time, among others.

Keywords: Efficiency, ICT, Work Environment, ergonomics, secretaries

How Nature of Duty Influence Private Security Employee’s Engagement in Criminal Activities in Nakuru Town Municipality, Nakuru County- Kenya (Published)

Private security industry is increasingly recognized as playing an important role in fostering conditions conducive to development, investment and growth. Despite the rapid growth of the sector, there are no regulations or requirements in terms of the training and vetting of guards, and the quality of training and services vary considerably from one company to another company. Given the unevenness of training and standards, concerns are frequently raised about the quality and integrity of security staff with unconfirmed reports that guards are in collusion with criminals. This study examined factors that influence private security firm’s employees to engage in criminal activities in Nakuru Municipality. Objectives that guided the study included; to examining how the nature of duty influence private security employees to engage in criminal activities, to determine the influence of job capacity requirement on employees engagement in criminal activities, to establish the effectiveness of measures employed by private security firms to curb criminal activities among its employees and how work environment influence private security employees in engaging in criminal activities. This study used survey research design. Multi-stage sampling procedure was adopted in selecting both the study area and sample units. Whereas purposive sampling was used in selecting study area and six key informants, stratified random sampling was used to select employees from various private security firms. The study was grounded on Routine activity theory and Control theory .The study results revealed that quite a number of employees in all these services have experienced or engaged in crime. However, there is correlation of 0.5 and 0.6 respectively between guarding and cash in transits services. The results indicate that guarding and cash in transits employees mostly engage on crime. It is also evident from the results that security firms places; low emphasis on academic qualification, relevant training, relevant skills and high emphasis on certificate of good conduct, age, health/physical fitness gender; as pre-qualification requirement for employment. The study recommends that security firms should provide working environment that embraces growth and capacity development of the employees. These would include; better training to deter crime, adoption of technology, security briefing, crime warnings, screening and involvement of police in crime management


Keywords: Security, Work Environment, criminal activities, nature of duty, private security crime, private security employees


In the present cut throat competition of business in Pakistan, keeping the faithful customers footings has become a major issue for the management of all types of companies. Few segments particularly of services Industry where the there is very high human participation in rendering the services; companies are trying to perk up the service standards to secure and maintain the loyal customers. In present era, the retention of existing customers has become more important even than the new customers. The reason for is that the markets are being saturated very quickly due to increasing number of participants and the competitors are fighting for the same shrinking piece of pie. This improvement in service quality is based on the hypothesis that motivate and professionally well-equipped employees are the significant customer satisfaction indicators. To assess the validity of above stated supposition, this research has selected banking sector as population and chosen three Banks namely: Askari Bank Ltd., Bank Al-Habib Ltd., Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. as sample of this research study.The objective of this study is to understand and evaluate the main drivers of employee motivation in banking sector of Pakistan and their impact on customer satisfaction. Primary Data has been used in this study and it was collected through structured questionnaire. The reliability and consistency of primary source i.e. questionnaire was tested through Cronbach’s Alpha, whereas the author has applied Correlation and Regression technique for data analysis with Chi-Square Test for additional support to the results. Based on the rigorous literature review, survey instrument designing purified by help of pilot study, the results revealed that employee’s motivators are Compensation, Working Environment, Job Design, Staff Trainings and Performance Management System.

Keywords: Career Development, Compensation, Customer Satisfaction, Employees’ Motivation, Job Design, Work Environment

Relationship between Work Environment, Career Development Opportunities and Employee (Published)

The issue of employee retention has generated growing interest for human resource practitioners and researchers because of the effects it has on the development and accomplishment of organization’s goals and objectives. This study explores the link between work environment, career development opportunities and employee retention in Vodafone Ghana Limited. The study used 142 employees, representing 10% of the target population of 1,420. Data was collected primarily through semi-structured questionnaire. The paper adopted descriptive research survey, specifically cross sectional. Data was analyzed with Descriptive Statistics. Pearson Correlation Coefficient was employed to establish the relationship among the variables. The findings indicated that work environment and career development opportunities had positive relationship with employee retention and thus affect employees’ decision to stay in Vodafone Ghana Limited. The implication of the study is that, the management of Vodafone Ghana Limited should provide advancement opportunities to increase employees’ career growth to help retain employees. Finally the study also recommends that thriving and friendly environment should

Keywords: Career Development Opportunities, Employee Retention, Vodafone Ghana Limited, Work Environment