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Job Involvement: Attitudinal Outcome of Organizational Structural Factors (Published)

Healthcare has always been in the priority of individuals, society and nation. It’s importance is endorsed by the status which is given to the health care professionals that is second God on earth. Health care as a Nobel service is provided by specifically skilled professionals who are working in a stressful condition that too day and night. These professionals are not super humans and are also gets influenced by work environment. Present study was conducted on medical staff working in not-for-profit public hospitals (N=300) in northern India. Study explored the influence of decentralization, coordination and work autonomy on job involvement among health care professionals. Results revealed that structural factors (Co-ordination & work autonomy) significantly predicted perceived levels of job involvement. Results also highlighted the significance of co-ordination and work at their own, which may be promoted by hospital administrators for getting positive outcomes through increasing job involvement of employees. Findings of the present study is very much helpful to the health care administrators for taking strategic directions and forming the organizational policies related to HRM in government hospitals, so that work climate of government hospital will become facilitating for increasing job involvement among employees further their performance as well. Study has important implications for government health care sector, as large section of population of India depends on public sector hospitals for their health care.

Keywords: Coordination, Decentralization, Job Involvement, Job attitude, Work autonomy