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Technology and the Influence of Corporate Culture on Organizational Electiveness: A Study of the Banking Industry in Nigeria (Review Completed - Accepted)

The study examined the effect of technology on the influence of corporate culture on organizational effectiveness in the Nigerian banking industry. A total of 388 managers were randomly drawn from a population of 13,339 managers of all the 24 banks in Nigeria. The instruments used for data collection were questionnaire and oral interview. A total of 320 copies of the questionnaire were retrieved and analyzed. Spearman’s Rank Correlation Statistical tool was used to test the hypotheses. The findings revealed that organizational technology is significantly related to the influence of corporate culture on organizational effectiveness. Based on these findings we concluded that organizational technology have significant effect on the influence corporate culture on organizational effectiveness. The study therefore recommends technology should be managed effectively to empower workers and improve the competitiveness of organizations

Keywords: Corporate culture, Organizational effectiveness, Words: Organizational Technology