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Binomials in English and Kenyang (Published)

In linguistics, a binomial pair or binomial is a word pair or sequence of two words or phrases belonging to the same grammatical category, having some semantic relations and joined by some syntactic device. Different languages and cultures have deferent ways of presenting binomials and this can be a problem to those studying English as a second language. There are two main ways in which this linguistic device is formed: Linguistically and non-linguistically.  Both Kenyang and English have binomials and the speakers of Kenyang learning or teaching English as a second language encounter some difficulties using and understanding them. We therefore thought it necessary to describe this linguistic phenomenon by looking at the factors involved in their ordering. These factors differ and range from the syntactic to semantic and to phonological principles. Data for this work was collected from published articles and books and cross checked by specialist of the language. The construction grammar theory was used as the bases for our analysis. The findings revealed that the Kenyang language makes use of binomials and that semantics, syntax, pragmatics, phonology and even paralinguistic factors are involve in the placement of these pairs. The findings equally revealed that, gender bias is one of the criteria use in determining which name comes first in a binomial pair .We concluded our findings on part two of this work that male names are use first and are more stable before female names.

Keywords: Culture, English, Kenyang, binomials, word pair