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Twitter Posts on the Perspectives of Dropping the Guardian’s Mandate and Women Driving in Saudi Arabia: A Critical Discourse Analysis Study of Online Conversational Language among Saudis (Published)

There is a lot of discussion in Saudi Arabia on the issue of women’s equality, such as their freedom to drive and their right to live independently without the guardianship system. Recent legalization trends, especially on social media sites such as Twitter have given rise to debates and speeches. A variety of hashtags were used to express support for Mohammed bin Salman vision and Saudi Arabia’s new changes. Twitter’s posts and hashtags were discussed and how debate had been provided on the abolition of the custody requirement and moving girls. The research studied certain tweets and their meaning in a textual analysis focused on the framework of Norman Fairclough. The two hashtags that were raised in the heat of the speech about the topic of dropping of the guardianship system and driving women in Saudi Arabia are reflected by the specific tweets: # Women_Car_ Driving and #Dropping_ the guardianship_ Mandate. The findings from the tweets considered provide enormous support for the campaign.

Keywords: Guardian’s Mandate, Women Rights, crown price, women driving

Discrimination against Islamic Women (Published)

Muslim women still encounter discrimination in various domains of their daily life represented by religious teachings such as their right to choose husband, clothing, education and so on. Islamic religion continues to be used as an excuse for such acts of discrimination against Muslim women

Keywords: Discrimination, Islamic Teachings Against Women, Muslim Culture, Muslim Women, Women Rights