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The Effect of Women-Owned Business on Entrepreurship and Small Business Management: The Case of ‘Happy Family’ (Published)

The paper examines the issue of entrepreneurship and small business focusing on women-owned businesses. It explores the relevant academic literature, addresses succinct research questions which will be answered after having examined one of the top US women-owned companies, Happy Family. The purpose of the paper is to evaluate how Happy Family may serve as a model for successful women entrepreneurship. Through the information derived from this research specific questions that arose from the literature review are answered. Findings indicate that indeed Happy Family, as a women-owned small business, has some basic unique features, such as decent background, limited access to capital and family related incentives. On the other hand, high level of education and entrepreneurial character skills are met in women who start a small company and lead it to full success. Some current challenges can be summarized into increasing competition as long as a company grows and continuous pursuit of initial mission.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Women-owned Business