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The Roles and Status of Women Librarians and Their Leadership Impacts in Selected Tertiary Institutions in Ogun State, Nigeria (Published)

Librarianship nowadays means different thing from what it used to, some decades ago. Libraries then were mere reservoirs and citadels of good decadence, getting in but not giving out. The 21st libraries are now active, vibrant; a living foundation of good influences, a service-oriented institution with set goals to achieve with transformative technological knowhow. This new outlook exited through formal education which was extended to the females, provide gateway for talented women to prove themselves. Despite the equal training like their male counterpart, there is much to be said on being deprived of getting to the political peak of their career and being refused promotion to a higher management post. This study, investigates women’s role and impacts in selected tertiary institutions in Ogun state. It used questionnaire and data collection methods, administering 400 copies of the questionnaire in 19 institutions in the state. It also searched databases on librarianship, library services and women’s socio-political roles, impacting the development and growth of librarianship in Nigeria.The result show that more female librarian’s occupied leadership ladders now than before. Many institutions offer library science to PhD level, revealing a large turnout of the female librarians, not minding gender differentiation. There are more women professors, doctors, heads of libraries; outcome of die hard labor, to move the society forward.

Keywords: Women Education, gender differentiation, leadership and library education, librarianship

Women Participation in Higher Secondary Education in Bangladesh (Published)

Formal education is a fulcrum of sustainable development. Education allows individuals to develop within their community and country, and allows nations to compete and survive in the global economy. Education plays a critical role in fostering basic intellectual abilities, expanding further educational opportunities that are vital to success in a world where power is closely linked with knowledge. Education is the nourishment of the mind with knowledge and as such it helps in the formation of an integrated personality of an individual. Education has a special significance in the context of a quasi-traditional or transitional society like Bangladesh. In this paper I shall try to delineate the picture of women participation in higher secondary education in Bangladesh. I shall also mention the necessity and factors responsible for women participation in higher education. From the analysis it is observed that there is a skyward trend for the female passed students that lead to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Keywords: Higher Education, Higher Secondary Education, Knowledge, Millennium Development Goals (MDGS), Women, Women Education