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A New Peer Review Standard Using a No-Hierarchical Dikw Pyramid (Published)

This paper presents a proposal for a new Peer Review Standard using a no-hierarchical DIKW Pyramid -PRS- based on a new and ‘General Cognitive Model of Wisdom’ -GCMW- [1]. This GCMW framework aims -as an insight generator or strategic foresight- to provide a better assessment to different problems in any field of science, from information science, applied researchers or a more general audience as per example, to point out the theoretical and conceptual bases for the interaction between the project manager and this GCMW framework.  Based on the GCMW framework, we are proposing a theoretical participatory action research framework based on the PRS aiming at to build a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of the quality of any scientific production i.e., a standardized proposal for peer review process aiming at paper quality assessment. The PRS framework should provide -for any paper-, a better assessment and insight generator. As we are admitting that any paper published has quality; the proposal is: the quality of this paper is complete if -and only if- the paper has wisdom -W-. Both, the PRS and the new particular DIKW instruments definitions are necessary and sufficient conditions for guaranteeing -guiding- if the paper -which is in evaluation-, has W -wisdom criterion-: The ultimate quality indicator of a paper.

Keywords: Cognitive Models, Decision Making, No-Hierarchical DIKW Pyramid, Scientific Publication Evaluation, Wisdom Quality Indicator