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Translating the English Interrogative beta Clause into Arabic (Published)

This study aimed to investigate the translation of wh-interrogative clause functions from English into Arabic. The main purpose of this study to examine the extent to which the English nominal wh-interrogative clause functions in Hemingway’s “The Old Man and The Sea” in the Arabic translation by Ali Al- Kasimi have been preserved. In this study, the translatability of the selected text is dependent on linguistic features. To determine the translation of wh-interrogative clause functions in the source text into Arabic has applied Newmark’s theory of semantic or communicative translation to finding grammatical equivalence in translation of the literary text. The findings obtained from the analysis show that semantic and communicative the translation, especially; in the selected data was translated flexibly, no more semantically and no more commutative. Significantly, the study further recommends that translators in handling literary texts should be a communicative and semantic Translation.

Keywords: Clause, function., semantic and communicative translations, translation, wh- interrogative