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Can Welfare Management Affect Teachers’ Performance? Evidence from Ghana (Published)

The study examined welfare management practices that affect teachers’ job performance by discussing variables such as working condition and fringe benefits. The study was guided by two research hypotheses.  Descriptive survey design was adopted and the major instrument used in collecting data for the study was a questionnaire. A sample size of one hundred and sixty-five (165) teaching staff from the target population was drawn using simple random technique. Analysis of the responses revealed, inter alia, the following; (a) there was statistical significant and positive effect of working condition on teachers’ job performance, and (b) fringe benefit had statistically significant and positive effect on teachers’ job performance. It is recommended that school managements and the Ghana Education Service (GES) should ensure teachers enjoy family friendly policies, efficient and effective working conditions, and good and timely payments of fringe benefits.

Keywords: Fringe benefits, Job Performance, Working Condition, welfare management