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Web-Based Instruction (WBI) For Developing EFL Students’ Reading and Writing Skills and Promoting Cultural Awareness (Published)

Higher education institutions have experienced a huge dramatic shift in instructions and course delivery methods due to swift in technological advancements. Technology-enhanced instruction has become one of the most striking issues persistently debated. The question of ‘how’ still remains controversial. However, tremendous researches have been conducted proposing practical considerations and framework. Hence, the present study is an attempt to contribute to reveal the myth of ‘how’ web-based tools and resources could successfully and efficiently foster students reading and writing skills and cultural awareness. Following the imperial research patterns, two discrete sets of instructions were employed among EFL students’ at university level.  The statistical analysis of the results obtained from the tests conducted and disclosed the reality that EFL students’ Reading and Writing Skills remarkably improved in Web-based Instruction environment. The study identifies a number of issues in the favour of Web-based teaching and learning. Derived from the findings, it’s strongly recommended that Web-based Instruction could play vital role in fostering EFL students’ creativity, efficiency and productivity.

Keywords: EFL, Web-based Instructions, language skills