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Environmental Adult Education for Preventing Lassa fever Outbreak in Nigeria (Published)

The incidence of Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria, is worrisome and this is attributed to indiscriminate waste disposal habit of people. Waste not properly dispose attracts rodents, which are the primary carrier of Lassa virus that causes Lassa fever. In other to make our environment free form Lassa fever spread, waste disposal habit of people needs to be taken care of. This paper thus examined how environmental adult education programmes such as hygiene and waste disposal education which are components of health education can be utilized to inculcate proper waste disposal habit among city residents in Nigeria. Through this paper, the authors established that for creating a Lassa free environment through hygiene and waste disposal education, the design of the hygiene and waste disposal education programme should be based on four strategies which will convey information, build understanding, improve skills, and enable sustainable actions 

Keywords: Environmental Adult Education, Environmental Education., Hygiene Education, Lassa Virus, Lassa fever, Waste Disposal, Waste Disposal Education, Waste.