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Numerical Solution of Currents and Voltages Flow In Electrical Circuits (RLC) Using Numerical Techniques (Published)

In this work, we present numerical solutions of electrical circuits second-order differential equations which is used as mathematical models of electrical circuits (RLC) consisting of a resistor, an inductor and a capacitor which connected in series and in parallel using numerical approaches. The Differential Transformation Method (DTM) and Exponentially Fitted Collocation Approximation Method (EFCAM) were employed to obtain numerical solutions which were compared with the analytical solutions of the electrical circuits and are found to be accurate and compatible. The graphs for voltages and currents profiles are presented to show the efficiency of numerical technique

Keywords: Differential Transformation Method (DTM), Electrical circuit, Exponentially Fitted Collocation Approximation Method (EFCAM), RLC circuit, analytical solution., currents, voltages