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Speech User Interface For Low Literacy Users Of Ict Services (Published)

Speech user interface has the potentials to accommodate different users irrespective of the level of education. This type of user interface can provide interactions that meet the capabilities of low literacy users in underserved rural communities. One of the challenges facing the development of Information and Communication Technology in rural underserved communities is the inability of the users to interact and communicate with the services provided effectively. The task of designing user interfaces to accommodate low literacy users is still a big challenge. We conducted a study with the aim of designing a customized speech user interface to enable low literacy users in a rural community to interact and have access to a mobile commerce service. We applied different ethnographic research methods in the process of data collection, design and evaluation of the user interface. The user evaluation results show that the users were able to successfully interact with the application. The users feel that the speech user interface is easy to understand and use, and the interface meets their capabilities

Keywords: ICT, Low Literacy, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Phone, Voice Interaction