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The Importance of Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria’s Development (Published)

There can be no sustainable national development without vocational and technical education, and there can be no vocational and technical education without skills acquisition. The issue of sustainable national development is not a one-day event, but constant or continuous process that affects the citizens positively. The paper x-rayed the peculiar characteristics of vocational and technical education in providing necessary skills to the populace for sustainable national development. The conceptual clarification of vocational education, technical education, vocational and technical education, and sustainable national development were considered. The paper further discussed a brief history of vocational and technical education in Nigeria, during the pre-colonial, colonial and the post-colonial era. The paper examines the importance of vocational and technical education in Nigeria development. It further highlighted the role of vocational and technical education in sustainable national development. The paper concluded that non-acquisition of saleable skills has been a major factor in the countries under development and high rates of poverty and other social vices. Therefore, VTE as the type of education with these values should be recognized and taken serious for sustainable national development to strive.


Keywords: Development, Education, Nigeria, Technical, Vocational

Vocational and Technical Education Orientation and Instruction for Job Creation among Youths and the Unemployed in Nigeria (Published)

The paper looked at vocational and technical education orientation and instruction for job creation among youths and the unemployed in Nigeria. Vocational and technical education is the foundation upon which the skills of workforce are built, without a great further progress in vocational and technical education orientation and instruction, we cannot hope for future employment and reliant graduates with the required skills and flexibility for a fast growing industry in the global age. Vocational and technical education as an instrument for job creation for youths and unemployed in Nigeria. It is on this recognition that the researcher focused attention on the following sub-headings to address the topic: Rationale for vocational and technical education orientation and instruction; vocational systems packages for instruction; utilization of equipment and facilities for instruction for job creation; vocational and technical education orientation and instructional methods for job creation among youth and unemployed; and problems of vocational and technical education orientation and instruction. It was based on these reviewed literature that recommendations were made for job creation for youths and unemployed, It was recommended that adequate fund should be made available to fund the orientation and instruction of vocational and technical education programme for job creation for youths and unemployed among others.

Keywords: Creation, Education, Instruction Orientation, Technical, Unemployed Job., Vocational, Youths

Extent of Educational, Vocational and Personal-Social Guidance Needs of Some Selected Prison Inmates in Ghana. (Published)

The study investigated the extent of guidance needs of some selected prison inmates in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana so as to establish how guidance could effectively be practiced in prisons. Descriptive survey design and a combination of convenience, purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used for the study. Three (3) prison institutions were conveniently sampled for study while One hundred (100) prison inmates consisting of 85 males and 15 females were randomly and purposively sampled respectively for study. Data for the study was collected via questionnaire (Cronbach’s Alpha = .611). The data was analyzed descriptively and presented in tables as frequency counts and percentages. Independent sample test was used to determine whether the extent of educational, vocational and personal-social guidance needs of male prisoners differed from female prisoners. It was found that both male and female inmates needed educational guidance to a little extent but needed vocational and personal social guidance to a large extent. Significant differences were found between the educational, vocational and personal-social needs between the male and female inmates. It was recommended among others that, the expressed educational, vocational and personal-social guidance needs of prison inmates should be provided to ensure their proper rehabilitation and integration into society upon their release.

Keywords: Educational, Guidance Needs, Personal-Social, Prisoners, Vocational


University graduate employability rests on university personnel to enhance their employability skills and attitude in Technical and Vocational Education (TVE). University management in Nigeria seems to undermine the right university academic staff in skills and qualities that could contribute to graduate employability in global marketplace. Therefore, this study aimed at investigating staff-personnel management towards technical and vocational education and its implications for graduate employability in Cross River State, Nigeria. It was designed to provide a baseline information for policy-management on education in university knowledge production towards increased productive output. This descriptive survey design study has two hypotheses formulated to guide the study while the related literatures were reviewed. Sample size of 400 university academic staff was drawn from a population of 2,239 members of academic staff from the two universities studied using stratified random sampling technique. A researcher designed questionnaire was used to collect information from the respondents. Data was statistically analyzed using population t-test and independent t-test statistics. Results revealed that staff-personnel management towards TVE was not significantly low and also, not significantly dependent on ownership of the university. It was recommended among others that university management should establish a better work relations between TVE institutions and the labour market for positive inputs and better students’ orientation to the world of work.

Keywords: Employability, Technical, University, Vocational, staff-personnel


This paper was set to examine entrepreneurial, technical and vocational skills required for self-reliant and job creation. The relevance and appropriateness of the entrepreneurial, technical and vocational education curricula for preparing individual for the world of work is not reviewed on a regular basis. Over the years as a result of industrial revolution, new machine, tools were manufactured for production in the company are now outdated. The industries are concerned about inadequate qualification of trained personnel and unemployable graduates that are roaming the street of the nation. Equally, educational institutions are reluctant to revise their curricula. They tend to stick to traditional and theoretical teaching, using outdated materials. Curricula of entrepreneurial, technical and vocational education review commissions are to look at the possibilities of identifying viable skills and initiatives for the acquisition of skills for self-reliant and job creation. The paper pointed out inadequate infrastructure, issues of technology, teaching students theoretically and government interference as challenges that are hindrances to the promotion of skill required for self-reliance and job creation. It also addressed strategies for self-reliance required for skills acquisition with some recommendations suggested that a combined curricula committee should be setup to x-ray the issues of skills among others.

Keywords: Entrepreneur, Self-Reliance and Job Creation, Technical, Vocational, entrepreneurial