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Climate Change Images in Kenya’s News Photographic Representations (Published)

Visual symbolic forms dominate today’s communicative landscape. Climate change is a topical issue in societies and its debates are not solely confined to linguistic representation, but also evident in visual symbolic forms. The communicative strategy for symbolic forms enhances our understanding of climatic changes, which consequently would initiate appropriate action to counter adaptation deficit often experienced in many regions of the world. Drawing reference from the Kenyan media context, this paper focuses on news photographic representation to answer the question “Can society see the climate changing?” This paper highlights specific visual symbolic form modalities used in News broadcasts to effect the understanding of climate dynamics in Kenya. The study found out that pictorial representation in Kenya’s media triumphs in use of crisis metaphors. It found that visual forms often take lesser roles when accompanied by written texts in climate change reporting. It acknowledges that visual constructions of climate change issues in Kenya appear in both local and international media reports. Nevertheless, the authors warn that the power of photographic representations in climate change interventions should not be underestimated.

Keywords: Climate Change, Media, Photographic Representation, Symbolic Form, Visual Communication


The scope of this paper is to investigate the role of visual communication as one of the main factors in order to promote destinations of Greek Tourism Industry and to influence perspective tourists. The paper aims at recording tourism demand trends and the profile the modern tourist, analyzing the use of print and electronic media, with particular emphasis on the Internet, as well as, to focus on the tourism offer, attempting to outline the specific actions used by the tourism businesses in order to communicate with potential tourists/customers. The results and conclusions of both the primary and secondary survey demonstrate the contribution of Visual Communication in tourism and the need to redefine the relationships and the ways of communication between tourism businesses and tourists, according to new requirements in the evolutionary process of the Greek tourism industry

Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, Information and Communications Technologies, Internet, Tourism, Virtual Reality, Visual Communication, e-Tourism