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New Organization Structures: Virtual Organizations (Published)

Nowadays, the rapid advancement of technology has caused of new organization structures in the companies. The main new organizational structures are network organizations and virtual organizations. Companies which have become increasingly globalized and interdependent started to carry out all activities of the organization ( production, marketing, finance, human resources, research and development, public relations) in a virtual environment. Increasingly used of internet, networking and commitment to each other need for flexibility, emergence of marketable as a virtual knowledge-based products/ services, globalization of markets and resources, changing competitive conditions have become inevitable creation of virtual organizations. An especially virtual organization which is shown in the international companies and preferred represents independent locations of teams, units and parts. But a clear conceptual description and/or a management theory were not formed about the human resources which is the main gain resource of virtual organizations.

Keywords: Virtual Organization, network organization, new organization structures, organization competitive

Providing Improved Response in Healthcare Domain by Using Knowledge Based Hsoa (Review Completed - Accepted)

The grid technology is used to implement healthcare services-oriented architecture (HSOA) for Virtual Organization (VO) Management in Healthcare environments. Management of users, assignation of roles to users, assignation of privileges to roles, and definition of resources access policies are other tasks that can be done as a part of this system, thus adding to its efficiency. The VO management services are provided as part of the privilege management infrastructures (PMI), which supports access control to healthcare resources inside the HSOA. Application of standard, secure, architectural design techniques makes the PMI completely open and interoperable. The introduced semantic technologies in decision points for access control. This allows management of a high degree of descriptors by means of anthologies and also infers decision making through rules and reasoners

Keywords: Anthologies, Grid Technology, Privilege Management Infrastructures, Virtual Organization