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The Aplikative Model of the Village Owned Enterprises (Bumdes) Development in North Sumatera (Published)

The aim of this research is to analyze and form the organizational structure for the village business unit. Besides, it also aims at analyzing the appropriateness the business on the potency of the village of Rawang V and Air Joman Baru, Asahan regency-North Sumatra-Indonesia as the example for North Sumatera province due to the Village Regulation that will be applied. Moreover, it also happens in Marjanji Aceh and Loburapa viillange, the Aek Songsongan sub-district, Asahan regency. The research belongs to the qualitative research. The sample of the research was the village of Rawang Pasar V and Air Joman Baru as well as Marjanji Aceh and Loburapa, Aek Songsongan sub-district, Asahan regency- North Sumatera-Indonesia. The research method was conducted by Focus Group Discussion. The result of the result is the formation of the Village owned enterprisesn (BUMDes) as the results of the activities of institutional strengthening, training and technical guidance. Moreover, the role of the university as the village socio-economic institutions of the BUMDes is expected to empower and improve the village economy, improve the Revenue of Villages (Pades), improve the processing potential of the village in accordance with the needs of society and become the backbone of the village economic growth and equity.

Keywords: Public Economy and Villages Budget Revenue (PADes)., Village Own Source Revenue (PADes), Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes)