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Introducing a Multiview Software Architecture Process by Example (Published)

Although every software system has an architecture, not every system has an architecture that is effectively communicated via an architecture description. A good architecture description is a Road map for engineering that guides designers, engineering teams and managers to understand what the system is expected to do and how it will do it. It is ultimately the visible representation of the hidden system architecture. In this paper a walkthrough an architecture definition process, called MoVAL-ADP, is presented. This process is associated to an architecture description approach called MoVAL that is based on multiviews/multi-hierarchy concepts and is consistent with the ISO/IEC/IEEE standard 42010-2011.

Keywords: Abstraction, Architecture Definition Process, Software Architecture, Viewpoint

Stylistics Analysis of Holly Thursday I by William Blake (Published)

The aim of this paper is to analyze Blake’s poem “Holly Thursday I” from the viewing platform of stylistic analysis. This stylistics analysis shelters the different features such as the lexico-syntactic patterns and choices, semantically, grammatically, graphological and phonological patterns. This analysis is helpful in understanding the basic concept of poem that is basically irony which poet doing on cathedral hypocrisy. Though this poem is in personal in tone and mood but depict the general reality behind these religious traditions. The poem is simple but the theme is universal. This research is accommodating to analyze the structure and style of William Blake’s poetry. The poet conveyed his message, themes, views and handling of fake ideology forcefully by using different stylistic devices

Keywords: Graphological, Hypocrisy, Innocence, Lexico-Syntactic Patterns, Phonological, Stylistic, Viewpoint