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Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Social Adjustment on Peer Victimization among Secondary School Students in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

Emotional intelligence and social adjustment are positive psychological constructs which can help to establish positive attitude and warm relationship among people. So students are expected to imbibe these virtuous constructs so as to relate well with one another and to avoid bullying and antisocial behaviours. Therefore, this correlational study investigated the influence of emotional intelligence and social adjustment on peer victimization among secondary school students in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. A sample of 372 students from public secondary schools in the area was composed from a population of 1548 senior secondary school (1&2) students in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria using simple random sampling technique and proportionate stratified random sampling technique. The instrument for data collection is Emotional Intelligence, Social Adjustment and Peer Victimization Questionnaire. The instrument validated through the assistance of three experts in Counselling Psychology has reliability coefficients obtained through Cronbach alpha technique in the range of 0.68-0.82. The results of the study show that emotional intelligence had a high negative and significant influence on peer victimization among secondary school students in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State; social adjustment had a high negative and significant influence on peer victimization among secondary school students; emotional intelligence and social adjustment had a negative and significant joint influence on peer victimization. Based on the findings, it was recommended that counsellors, teachers, parents/guardians and religious leaders should make spirited effort to inculcate the virtue of emotional intelligence and social adjustment in the students. This they can do by preaching virtuous principles such as conscientiousness, love, selflessness, and consideration for others among young people including the students.  


Keywords: Bullying, Consequences, Emotional Intelligence, Peer victimization, Victims, antisocial behavior, perpetrators, pro-social behavior

Traumatic Experiences of Asian Child Labour Victims in Boys without Names (Published)

Child labour though an age long social phenomenon, has claimed the lives of many Asian children and continues to exist in various forms even in contemporary times. As such, that phenomenon needs continuous interrogation. This paper therefore examines the traumatic experiences of child labour victims in Kashmira Sheth’s Boys without Names (2010). Using psychoanalytic theory, the study examined the travails, pains, trauma and emotional struggles of six child labour victims in the selected text. Findings revealed that poverty is the major cause of child labour and until poverty is curbed, child labour will continue to persist. The study also discovered that education is imperative as it is a great tool that can help to combat child labour, hence, every child deserves good and quality education. The study therefore recommended that children and parents should be sensitized on the advantages of education.

Keywords: Asia, Child Labour, Poverty, Victims, emotional struggles

Terribly Victimised Gender of Kashmir Conflict: A Women-Centric Perspective of Nayeema Mahjoor’s lost In Terror (Published)

Jammu and Kashmir has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since the partition of the subcontinent in 1947. This picturesque valley, which has since been under the domain of India, has seen many uprisings. The movement for freedom ‘Azadi’ has left a deep imprint upon the minds of the inhabitants, but mostly it is the women of Kashmir who have been the worst hit victims. There have been many books depicting the Kashmir issue from a man’s perspective but hardly any from the women’s point of view depicting their suffering and misery. Logically only a woman can better express the traumas of women. Fortunately this need was fulfilled by Nayeema  Mahjoor  in the form of her novel Lost in Terror, perhaps the first novel, which shows the another side of the conflict ‘women side’ by realistically narrating the sufferings  which a Kashmiri woman goes through. The present paper attempts to make an assessment of the miseries and problems Kashmiri conflict –torn women have to face.  It will also deliberate on how Nayeema has become the representative voice of the women community, most importantly so because she herself has been a victim like thousands of others, which strongly authenticates her narration as first hand and valid.

Keywords: Conflict, Freedom, Jammu, Kashmir, Misery, Victims, Women