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A Computer Program for Agricultural Machinery Selection (Published)

A computer program for Agricultural Machinery Management (APAMAS) is a user-friendly interactive program written in Excell spreadsheet for machinery management .The user interacts with it by entering the required input data and it will carry out the interactive calculations. The APAMAS can determine the effective field capacity and field efficiency for some tillage implements , determines the drawbar power needed for each implement (hp), The program predicts the number of tractors and implements required for each agricultural operation  , calculates the total operation cost(SDG) per fed,  and finally giving the user an option to hire or own the machine(BEP).  The program enables the user to print out the output which is displayed on the screen. APAMAS was successfully verified statistically in comparison to Giad Company for Agricultural Services-(Eldamer) existing machinery program . The comparisons indicated that there were no significant differences. Validity and sensitivity tests of the program indicated that the APAMAS could be applied to any real-life case successfully and with confidence for any multi- crop farm

Keywords: BEP, Drawbar Power, Effective Field Capacity, Machinery Management, Validation, Verification


This codeless method of programming using ASMs is not only capable of producing transparent software but reliable, proven and checked, all the way through its specification as ground model to its implementation. In other words evolving algebra method supports all the software life-cycle phases from initial specifications or requirement gathering to executable code. Above all, this method is platform independent and the ease with which computer scientist can build simple and clean system models out of evolving algebra pushes further the potential it needs to influence future industrial formal methods techniques. This formal specifications and designs demonstrate the consistency between the specifications and the code for all possible data inputs at various levels of abstractions.

Keywords: Evolving Algebra, Formal Methods, Specification, Verification