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There has been a debate on whether private equity affects economic growth of a region or the reverse effect. Therefore there has been need to evaluate the interrelationship between private equity and economic growth across the globe while considering the influence of the financial environment. Hence, this paper analyses these interrelationships using a theoretical approach. The key findings are that private equity tends to increase when there is economic growth in an economy as underpinned by the economic growth models which contend that for economic growth to be sustainable there should be continuous advancement in technical knowledge mainly in the form of new products, processes and markets. Furthermore, a well developed legal and regulatory framework would lead to increased financial activities in a country hence facilitating exits which would result to a more favorable legal environment that induces venture capitalists and PE funds to invest more often in the home country

Keywords: Financial Environment, Private Equity, Venture Capital, economic growth

An Empirical study of the Capital Structure of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria (Review Completed - Accepted)

The analysis of capital structure of organizations has conventionally been applied to corporate entities. Previous studies on Microfinance have classified enterprises into two broad categories-the Small and Medium scale enterprises respectively. Micro-scale businesses are conventionally grouped with Small scale enterprises without specifically analysing their businesses. The research therefore examines the capital structure of micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) as well as the factors influencing it. Primary data were collected by administering 300 copies of research instrument with a combination of cluster and simple random sampling techniques. The research discovered that there is a significant difference in the Capital Structure of Nigerian MSMEs; there is no statistically significant difference between the Capital Structure of Nigerian MSMEs at start-up and the Capital Structure at continuation; and the factors influencing the patronage of bank and non-bank finance providers among MSMEs do not significantly differ

Keywords: Capital Structure, Financial exclusion, Venture Capital, developing countries