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Production Performance of Mango in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh (A Case Study at Sadar Upazilla) (Published)

A study was conducted to identify the status of mango production, mango varieties produced, and problems confronted by the growers and to explore their relationship with some selected characteristics. Data were collected from randomly selected 105 mango growers from eight selected villages of sadar upazila under Dinajpur district through personal interview during March to August, 2008. Data were collected on age, education, family size, farm size, land used in mango production, annual income, experience and knowledge on mango production, varieties and number of mango trees and so on. Relationship between the selected characteristics and dependent variables was done by Pearson’s product moment co-efficient of correlation. In the study, 30 germplasm of mango were identified. Baramashi droop was found as the only year round variety. Gopalbhog holds the first position (15.90%) according to rank of recognized mango varieties based on their availability in respondents’ farm. About three fourths (77.10 %) and more than the same (70.50 %) of the respondents had medium mango production and income respectively. Majority ((75.20 %) of the growers confronted medium problems. Although respondents certified that Dinajpur district is profitable in respect of mango production but further study should be taken place with other variables and characteristics that related to farmers in mango production in different upazillas of Dinajpur district. 


Keywords: Bangladesh, Income, Mango Production, Respondents farm, Variety