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Impact of Evolving Construction Project Management Techniques for Proper Project Delivery: Review on Constructability Review, Lean Construction (Lc) and Value Engineering (Ve) Techniques (Published)

Throughout the existence of construction industry especially starting in the period of industrial revolution, there have been many developments of different construction techniques that can help the industry to reach success.  Formed models but with unmet realities; unsuccessful timely delivery of the projects, out of projected budgets and intended quality are leading factors that still push industry players to seek the change in construction sector worldwide. In other words past experiences of failure of existing construction management tools have evidenced the search of the improved construction concepts that leads to industry success hence customers’ satisfaction. One the other side, among different construction concepts developed in a way of enhancing the industry; include lean construction, constructability review and value engineering. Both latter tools focus on the use of knowledge management to assessing inputs ahead of production process so to successfully achieve the stated outputs. By that, they provide a good consideration for construction sector as significant and impactful principles for proper project delivery. This review article aims to study the importance of evolving construction project management techniques namely lean construction, constructability review and value engineering in the construction industry particularly on construction projects delivery; as well as to assess their current practice and impact.

Keywords: Constructability review, Evolving construction project management techniques, Impact, Lean construction, Proper project delivery, Value engineering