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Psychological Tendencies Emanating From Dehumanization in Twists of Fate by Gichaba Nyantino (Published)

This study interrogates how Gichaba Nyantino, in Twists of Fate represents psychological tendencies emanating from individual dehumanization in the globe, particularly within the Kenyan society. The main thesis of this paper is that the deviant behaviour of characters shows how the society has been fragmented because of dehumanization of individuals. The paper engages a theoretical framework that embraces psychoanalytic, formalism and cultural theories. The theories assisted in revealing the characters’ behaviour, how the writer’s writing strategies unravel the extent to which the behaviour of the various individuals affects the society as portrayed in the text. The methodology of the study involved a close literary analysis of the text. An analysis of the thoughts of the characters as presented by the author was key to understanding the extent of dehumanization. The study specifically looked into the loss of humanness in the society’s people and how human beings cannot live without the need for other’s support and company. The study intended to establish how literature deals with the question of why social etiquette among people has dissipated, as prominently in social institutions where persons operate. People have become strangers to each other. Besides, the primary text, works on the relevant theories as well as various sources on the subject of dehumanization were consulted. The study shows how society is teeming with dehumanized individuals and as such, there is cumulative degeneration of humanity in society.

Keywords: Dehumanization, Gichaba Nyantino, Twists of Fate, Ubuntu, Utu, psychological factors