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Sustainable Tourism Development In Egypt: Peroposed Sustainable Integrated Design Matrix Study (Published)

The government hasn’t provide the required development projects patterns up till now؛ that can achieve urban sustainable tourism development in Egypt, so a distinctive quality and touristic feature can be found. As the importance of the regional and urban planning clear on one hand, and the development of tourism on the other hand to make good use of the multi and varied tourism fundamentals and to keep for the tourism, the historical and the environmental characteristics of tourism development areas in Egypt؛ where sustainability of urban tourism development can be achieved. The research aims to find out the role of integrated development projects in achieving plans and projects of urban development and sustainable tourism for achieving the most appropriate criteria standards recommendations which must be provided in these projects, achieving its sustainability. The study relied on several approaches (1) Descriptive approach (2) Deductive Methodology (3) Casestudy approach. The study found out the failure reasons of achieving urban sustainability for tourism development projects in Egypt. It also found out the feasibility of these integrated tourism development projects in the urban tourism development in Egypt and its role in achieving sustainable development through a methodology for measuring the most important elements for their success.

Keywords: Geographical Differences, Integrated Tourism Development Projects, Planning, Political Decision-Making, Regional Planning, Regions Problems, Sustainable tourism, Urban Development Indicators, Urban Settlements, resources